Friday, November 19, 2010

Protest Blasphemous Statue Of Our Lady!

Warning: Caution.  This news is very disturbing.
Protest blasphemous statue of Our Lady
wrapped in a giant c o n d o m!!!

According to press reports, there is a statue of the Blessed Mother on display in the meeting hall of the Lower Austrian Diet, in Austria...

. . . it's being called the "C o n d o m Madonna" because it is wrapped in a giant c o n d o m and s p e r m.

This is shocking.  Outrageous.  Terribly blasphemous!

The statue was designed by the Australian "artist" Mark Rossell
This is a horrific insult to the Most Pure and Immaculate Mother of God.

And it tramples on the religious beliefs of millions of Catholics, because Our Lady is the Mother of God and ours, who is spotless and f r e e of sin and blemish.

Thank God, our sister organization in Austria is working hard to protest this horrific blasphemy.  Now, it is up to you and me to spread this peaceful protest all over the world.

 Please offer prayers of reparation for this terrible blasphemy.

Protest this blasphemy at America Needs Fatima


  1. And we wonder why the world is going crazy. I will pass this along for sure. Thank you again, Nanette. What a terrible, sick display of perversity. The scary thing today is that there are people who actually believe that perversity should be an option and a right!

  2. Margo: thanks for your comment, visits and support! Our Lady appreciates it, too. Will email you over the weekend. N

  3. Why do people do this? They think that they are making a point but the only point they are making is that they, themselves, are deeply soul sick.

  4. What a sick, crazy world we live in. I will do what I can to pass along the protest. God save us.

  5. PS - ironically, the word I had to write to post a comment was "unction"

  6. Yes, please pass it on...we need lots of prayer warriors. Poor Blessed Mother. It must break Jesus' heart to see her treated this way. Thanks for all your comments and visits. N

  7. When the world wants to attack Christianity, it attacks Catholicism to do so.

  8. Kkollwitz: Yes....Catholic bashing is the #1 sport in America! Then we have Christians who take jabs at Catholics constantly and some don't even consider us sad, how ignorant.

  9. Having any devotion to Mary is sad and ignorant. Only Worship God! Do not entrust your salvation to Mary, only to God. She is a sinful human being like the rest of man-kind.

  10. Yazman: Welcome to my blog. Please note that my blog is dedicated to the Infant Jesus. It is sad and perplexing that with all the information available that you and many others remain ignorant of the Catholic faith and the traditons passed on to us by Jesus. I'm not sure if this ignorance is spiritual blindness or spiritual stubborness. Where do you get the idea that I or any Catholic "worship" the Blessed Mother? Or that we believe that our salvation comes from the Mother of God? Everyone's salvation comes from God/Jesus Who was born and died for our sins. My love and devotion to Our Lady has nothing to do with this. It is personal though not private and you will not make me feel guilty for this love. What makes you think that God would ever allow His sacred Son to be born within an impure vessel? I have too much respect for Jesus to think this. And Mary, regardless of how you feel about her, deserves respect for who she is, THE MOTHER OF GOD, and should NOT be treated in an unkind manner (i.e. this statue protest) I would feel this way about any good woman. The Blessed Mother leads a person to her Son, Jesus. She does not take anything away from Him. She adores Him (as I do) and for this alone I love her. She lights the way to the Lord. That this offends you is very sad and very disturbing. Rarely will you hear a Catholic putting down the beliefs/traditions of another religion. Not so with fellow Christians or followers of other religions. I guess the Holy Spirit truly lives, breathes and acts within us. Praise God for this. May your New Year be filled with grace and enlightenment. N

  11. Nanette - It's the same "blindness" that you spoke to Yazman about that Saint Louis de Montfort spoke of centuries ago when he wrote the True Devotion treatise. And, this "blindness" is also mentioned in the Bible and in many other credible Catholic sources as well. As you said, why would God allow His only Son to be born within a sinful, impure vessel? If people would only stop and think this through logically (never mind the spiritual insights that come with perseverance in prayer), then there wouldn't be so much confusion and misguided thought. The Blessed Mother must tire of being told that she is falsely "worshipped" by so many ignorant people. But then, her nature is such that she carries on anyway; regardless of the fools who insult and defame her character. Hence, right back to the reason she is sinless in the first place: she still goes on loving, anyway, in spite of it all. Why do people have such a hard time seeing it the way it is? I'll never know.