Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disposable Babies

     Aborted Babies

Found In Dumpster


How is this allowed? What has society come to? There would be hell to pay if these were kittens or puppies...why are human beings, the most vulnerable, the most innocent, treated so callously? God have mercy on us!

Warning: The following statement discusses details that are disturbing.
Right to Life of Michigan was shocked and saddened to learn that bodies of 17 aborted babies were found thrown into a common dumpster at a Lansing-area abortion business. The babies were found on February 26, 2010, which led to an investigation by the Michigan Attorney General and the Eaton and Saginaw counties sheriff departments.
Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet said, “When the discovery was made known to Right to Life of Michigan, we offered advice as to current Michigan laws and processes for engaging law enforcement officials regarding a necessary investigation. We are appreciative that the sheriffs of Eaton and Saginaw counties, along with the state Attorney General and Eaton County prosecutor took this case seriously and conducted a thorough investigation. The fact that human remains and medical records were callously and carelessly tossed in the trash calls for something to be done.”

There is a convoluted set of legal facts in this particular case that may or may not result in any serious charges, penalties or fines being rendered. But clearly Michigan laws need to be updated so that the horrible practice of dumping the bodies of aborted babies into trash cans is not allowed to continue.
Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “For nearly four years, Right to Life of Michigan has been advocating for the passage of state legislation that would prohibit aborted baby bodies from being disposed of in either the trash or being ground up and flushed into the sanitary sewer system. Such practices are common in the abortion industry and the time has come for them to end.”
Right to Life of Michigan commends State Representatives Joe Haveman, Darwin Booher, Rick Jones, and Bob Genetski for taking the lead on legislation to bring dignity and respect to the memory of these tiny members of the human family whose lives have been tragically taken.

article found in : Right To Life Of Michigan


  1. We are truly living in strange times.

  2. Nanette,
    This is sickening. I am so disgusted right now. I pray our country smartens up quickly. America needs to end abortion once and for all!
    If you get a chance to read my latest post please let me know what you think of this situation. A couple from Minneapolis has set up a website where America can vote about whether they should abort or keep their unborn child. The woman claims that she is undecided on whether to have the baby or not and they are actually taking votes on the baby's future. I was heartsick when I read this. The site is called

  3. Nanette, thank you for sharing this. It's such a horrifying and disgusting display of human cruelty that it makes one wonder how someone who is pro-death can continue on in that twisted mindset after reading this. It is yet another example of the culture of death being so deeply entrenched in our society today. No wonder there are statues of Our Lady crying around the world.

  4. My dear friends Maria, Mary & Margo (3Ms)This was so shocking that I felt compelled to let others know what is going on. Like trash they treat these sweet, innocent infants. And so many women are crying to have a child of their own. I know God is merciful, but He is also the Just Judge! When will His wrath be felt? I shiver to think of this. As Our Lady says, pray, pray, pray. And Mary..will read the post this weekend. Hugs to all. N

  5. In my 6th grade Catechism class we repeatedly see in the Old Testament how often God's Chosen People worshiped Moloch, sacrificing their firstborns. Eventually a child will observe that we don't worhip false gods anymore, and I remind them that we think we're too smart for that, but people still kill their babies, just as they did thousands of years ago.

  6. Kkollwitz: Thanks for your comments and visits to my blog. Isn't it amazing how we consider ourselves civilized yet murder those who can't defend themselves? God have mercy on us all. N