Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anti-Eucharist Super Bowl Commercial! Disgraceful!! UPDATED

Ask Pepsi-Doritos to reject a commercial that blasphemes the Holy Eucharist as Doritos Chips & Pepsi!

This must stop! As of today, I will buy Coke until this is resolved in favor of Our Lord.  Pass this on to all your Catholic/Christian friends and get the message out to any company considering this sort advertising! Fight for God and He will fight for you! Send your e-protest below, now.

Pepsi and Doritos offer 5 million dollars to the person who submits the winning commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl.

All submissions are reviewed and 10 finalists will be selected on January 3rd.  Then the voting is open to the public on USA Today Ad Meter.  As I said, the winner gets 5 million, so big dollars are riding on this contest.

A terribly blasphemous commercial was submitted.  It is called "Feed the Flock," and shows a parish where attendance is dropping.  The priest decides to distribute Doritos and Pepsi as Holy Communion to bring in the people.

Then weird looking people show up to receive the Holy Eucharist, which is really Pepsi and Doritos!

This mockery of the Body and Blood of Our Lord is outrageous and unacceptable!

Send Your E-Protest! 

The commercial is on Facebook as "Feed your flock."Facebook link to video  

America Needs Fatima

**A kind blogger, Fred, informed me that (Christian) comments are being deleted from FaceBook, but NOT on YouTube.
This is the link to Youtube

I received an email from Pepsi that stated that they would not air this commercial and they are sorry if I was upset over this matter. Apology accepted! This is a victory for God and our Faith. We must be vigilant and not let this sort of blasphemy go unchallenged. Thanks to everyone who supported this effort!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Socialist Blasphemey....Defend the Holy Eucharist!

What's Next?  Disgusting and IT MUST STOP! Defend Our Lord and Our God...
Blessed Is The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World!!

Extreme caution: this is disturbing.

According to press reports, the Socialist Youth of Andalusia Spain linked to the ruling Socialist Party of Prime Minister Zapatero, have launched an official AIDS awareness campaign in Andalusia that promotes condoms with a set of two pictures:
  • of a priest holding up the Holy Eucharist with the words "Take action" and another, just below the first,
  • of a priest holding up a condom and the words "Use it"
And then:

"Blessed are condoms that take away the AIDS of the world!"


Eprotest Here!

How could anyone – especially in Catholic Spain -- compare the Holy Eucharist to a condom?

I have no words to qualify this abomination and insult to Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

And these ads are circulating in Andalusia, the most populous state of Spain on posters, videos and billboard

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Where's The Line For Jesus: A Christmas Song

The Hallmark channel broadcasts continuous Holiday TV shows during this Holy Season. Some are inspirational, funny, sad...all are good, but very few are religious. The few that are, aren't shown as often as the others. Producers believe that if they throw in a human "angel" that takes care of the God obligation. I haven't heard a religious Christmas song hit the airways in awhile. Guess that's not politically correct, either. So when I was sent this e-mail, I just had to post it. The explanation below the video was written by the songwriter...the song is sung by Becky Kelley. It is truly a blessing and I hope becomes a Christmas classic. It reminds us of the Reason For The Season....the birth the Christ Child, Jesus!

While at the mall a couple of years ago, my then four year old nephew, Spencer, saw kids lined up to see Santa Claus. Having been taught as a toddler that Christmas is the holiday that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, he asked his mom, "where's the line to see Jesus"?
My sister mentioned this to my dad, who immediately became inspired and jotted words down to a song in just a few minutes. After putting music to the words, and doing a quick recording at home, he received a great response from friends. He sent the song off to  Nashville   without much response, except for a Christian song writer who suggested adding a bridge at the end of the first chorus.
My dad then asked if I wanted to record the song to see what we could do with it. I listened to the song, made a few changes to the words to make it flow better, and we headed to Shock City Studios. It was at the studio where Chris, owner and producer, rewrote the 2nd verse and part of the chorus... with goosebumps and emotions high, we were all hopeful and felt like we had something special. The demo was recorded in just under 2 hours and sent off again to   Nashville ... still no response.
Then 2 weeks before Christmas last year, my cousins Greg and Robbie decided to do a video to see what we could accomplish on YouTube. The first day we had 3000 hits and it soared from there. We received e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages from people all over asking for the music, CD's, iTunes, anything... we had nothin'. After a couple of meetings with Chris following the amazing response, we got serious. We headed back into the studio this past spring... this time with guitars, drums, bass, pianos, choirs... the real deal.... and here we are today - getting iTunes set up, a website put together, and loving that thousands upon thousands of Christians have come together... remembering the true meaning of Christmas.
Out of the mouths of babes come profound truths that many adults can not understand. Hopefully Spencer's observation will cause people all over to reflect on the love of Jesus, and that one day we will all stand in line to see Him. We are most thankful to our Heavenly Father to have this chance to share our music with you. Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Salute To Our Military

Did you know? 20-25% of Americans are Catholic
Did you know? 45-50% of those serving in the U.S. Military are Catholic

I wonder if the reason for this high percentage of Catholic men and women willing to serve this nation is that woven into the fabric of a Catholic is the sense of community, service to mankind and the willingness to sacrifice because Christ said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

It is a fact that after the Federal Government of the United States of America...the Catholic Church is the Largest Charitable Organization in the World.

The Catholic Church has a non-profit hospital system of 637 hospitals, which account for hospital treatment of 1 out of every 5 people - not just Catholics- in the U.S. today.
Generosity, Love & Compassion is also woven into the fabric of a Catholic.

The Video and Poem below is in honor of All Our Military especially during this Sacred Season when many are far from home. God Bless Each And Every One!  May God Protect Them As They Protect Us.  May All Leaders Make Good & Godly Decisions.

Credits: Poem by Michael Marks, Music by Era (I Believe), Video by, YouTube video

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Defend Our Lady's Purity!

Read with caution. This deeply offends our Catholic sense of propriety:

According to Columbia University's art blog, they are hosting a blasphemous play called XMAS in which the "Virgin Mary" begs for explicit sins of impurity.

For example, a student wrote this about XMAS in the Columbia Spectator:

"This includes a…Virgin Mary desperate for sex (who, by the way, is also on birth control "just in case")."

This is a most egregious offense against the spotless purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Here's more, according to that same student:

"The show's shock-inducing brand of comedy might be a problem for the deeply religious. But for the rest battling pre-finals depression, this show might actually be the perfect replacement for Prozac."

I know you would be very upset with this unspeakable insult to our Catholic faith being played at an Ivy League University, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in America.

Send your protest NOW to the President of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger. Send Your E-Protest!  Take Action Now!
Thank you for defending Our Lady's spotless purity this Christmas. And may Her Divine Son reward you with abundant graces and blessings.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magnificent Tribute To God, The Creator

Utilizing footage from the BBC Planet Earth Series We, Farmers Branch Church of Christ , take a look at the wonder and majesty of God’s creation. Set to the song, “Creation Calls” by Brian Doerksen , this stunning glimpse of God’s masterpiece is meant to glorify Him and draw the mind to new places of intimacy with Him.
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For a spirit-filled, fun and awesome site to celebrate Advent & Christmas treat yourself to a visit to