Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anti-Eucharist Super Bowl Commercial! Disgraceful!! UPDATED

Ask Pepsi-Doritos to reject a commercial that blasphemes the Holy Eucharist as Doritos Chips & Pepsi!

This must stop! As of today, I will buy Coke until this is resolved in favor of Our Lord.  Pass this on to all your Catholic/Christian friends and get the message out to any company considering this sort advertising! Fight for God and He will fight for you! Send your e-protest below, now.

Pepsi and Doritos offer 5 million dollars to the person who submits the winning commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl.

All submissions are reviewed and 10 finalists will be selected on January 3rd.  Then the voting is open to the public on USA Today Ad Meter.  As I said, the winner gets 5 million, so big dollars are riding on this contest.

A terribly blasphemous commercial was submitted.  It is called "Feed the Flock," and shows a parish where attendance is dropping.  The priest decides to distribute Doritos and Pepsi as Holy Communion to bring in the people.

Then weird looking people show up to receive the Holy Eucharist, which is really Pepsi and Doritos!

This mockery of the Body and Blood of Our Lord is outrageous and unacceptable!

Send Your E-Protest! 

The commercial is on Facebook as "Feed your flock."Facebook link to video  

America Needs Fatima

**A kind blogger, Fred, informed me that (Christian) comments are being deleted from FaceBook, but NOT on YouTube.
This is the link to Youtube

I received an email from Pepsi that stated that they would not air this commercial and they are sorry if I was upset over this matter. Apology accepted! This is a victory for God and our Faith. We must be vigilant and not let this sort of blasphemy go unchallenged. Thanks to everyone who supported this effort!



  1. Oh Nanette! People go too far! This is SOOO disrespectful!!! Heaven must cringe when they see stuff like this!

  2. Our comments are being deleted on the Facebook page but not on the Youtube page. Please let everyone know about the Youtube link:

  3. I just sent my protest. Who could think up these disgusting schemes but the prince of darkness himself? I will be boycotting Pepsi and Dorito and any of their products unless/until this ad does not make it to the superbowl.

  4. Maria & Mary: Thank you dear faithful friends and defender of Our Lord and His Mother for your comments and concern. Let's keep pounding heaven's door that our prayers will be ans. and this nonsense will end! Happy New Year and may it be a year filled with grace. N

  5. I want to thank, Fred, for informing me that comments are being deleted from FaceBook but not Youtube and for giving me the link. It's now posted on this blog post. Thanks Fred!