Monday, December 29, 2014

If Christians Had Chutzpah

It's December 27th and Christmas is only 2 days old...yes, 2 days. Catholic/Christians forget that up until the 25th it is Advent. Christmas is celebrated for 12 days and ends with the Feast of the Epiphany. I was told by a sage Episcopal priest that for Christians to rush about during Advent buying, wrapping and giving gifts along with Christmas cards that include a New Year wrong. We have the luxury of sending out cards and giving gifts for almost 2 weeks longer, but like many original traditions...this, too, has been secularized. If Christians had chutzpah and abide by this tradition, we wouldn't be so rushed, stressed and often disappointed that "Christmas is over" on the 26th. Please, don't get me started.

If Christians had chutzpah we would push back against the commercialism that has nearly destroyed the true meaning of this Sacred Season.  The phrase, Jesus Is The Reason For The Season, has been said airily so many times that it has become a trite phrase that lacks conviction and meaning. Pablum.

Many Baby Boomers, and now their children, have raised brats...Christmas brats. We are willing to go into debt at Christmas to give them everything they've asked for. We can't say no. Once, two gifts and some candy or fruit in a stocking sufficed. Now if the kids and grand-kids don't open a minimum of 6 gifts....Christmas joy goes into the dumpster. If a family decided to give one gift and spend a certain sum on the needy instead, how many of our kids would be pleased? How many would understand that this IS the way to celebrate Christ's birth? And I'm not saying that needy children should get all the gifts either....hello? the lesson is for ALL Christians. I'm suggesting that $$ go to a charity for ill children, wounded veterans, soup kitchens, food banks, etc.

I'm tired of the Christmas bashing. I'm tired of feeling guilty because I believe that Christ is born on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas....horrors! Not on ads, not on flyers, not on the lips of the employees taking a Christian's God-given money. Please, don't get me started. If Christians had chutzpah we'd cash in our bargaining chips...don't buy but one gift for your child(ren). Remember the charities...and you'll see how quick the Merry Christmas banners will go up!

And what's with every group under the heavens being represented in the Town Square along side of the Nativity? This past Christmas, Karl Etters of the Tallahassee Democrat, reported that the Florida Capitol's holiday display would include a greeting from the Church of the Spaghetti Monster and the Satanic Temple. Read it here:  satanic-temple-joining-capitol-displays. What do these groups have to do with Christmas??? Do you really think that their " good wishes" are heart-felt? Do you really think that their desire to express their freedom of speech is to spread peace and love-the essence of the Christmas season? Humbug. Why does a Temple that represents the Evil One need or should be displayed at Christmas time? It, along with the Atheists and others of this ilk, have only one common reason for wanting to be represented....their animosity for Christ.  

This isn't Happy Holiday time, people, it's Christmas. I don't buy gifts for Thanksgiving....I don't buy gifts for New Year's Eve. I buy as a nod to the from the Three Wise Men to the Savior of the World.  Oh, non-Christian business owner....alert! if Christians had chutzpah they'd keep out of your shops during Christmas time and shop at Christian based stores for that one-gift-they-will-buy.  Most churches have a gift shop, Hobby Lobby is Christian owned, as well as Mary Kay cosmetics. There are Christian book & gift stores galore on-line. Don't harass Christmas and we will bless you with our God-given money. Freedom of speech, you say? My antlers it is! It's just being plain mean spirited. Do you think Christians want to hone in on an Atheist's holiday? They can declare April Fool's Day as their High-Holiday. I'd be fine with it and have no desire to add my Christian sentiments to their special day.

I believe that anti-Christmas groups are emboldened because they know there are so many disinterested Christians. Poinsettia and lily church goers have no passion for Christ. The Birth of Jesus is nothing more than a time to over-eat, over-drink and out buy the Jones'. Many children from these Christian-lite homes have no clue why there's a star on top of the Christmas tree or that the lights on their house is supposed to reflect the Light of the World. Will disinterested Christians even notice when all remnants of religion are removed from "The Holiday Season"? Christmas Squelchers are counting on it, and as long as nothing gets in the way of the latest's all that matters...on both sides.  

The world is riddled with war. Our country is ablaze with anger and hate. So here we have a season to reflect on peace and good will to all humankind and society has allowed anti-Christmas groups to strangle it into silence. Really? Really? Instead of everyone banning together and using the joy, love and generosity of this Sacred Season to heal our hurting world...God's intention all along...they use it to slash the heart out of hope. They label it political correctness and freedom of speech when in fact it's the lying, liberal voice of Satan. If Christians had chutzpah we'd protect every wonderful, grace-filled aspect of Christmas as though we were protecting the Baby Jesus Himself. Merry Christmas.

Christmas, my child, is love in action.  Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas.
--Dale Evans


  1. You are a straight shooter, Nanette. This was very well said. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you, Mary. So nice hearing from you. Thanks for "getting" me. Merry Christmas & a Blessed 2015.


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