Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nickelodeon Has My Blood Boiling!

Okay, It's been a year since I blogged on the Crooked Halo. In short, my home was destroyed by Hurricane Irene August 2011 and life has changed drastically. I no longer live in NY and now call Florida....home. Thank you, God.

I thought my first post as a Floridian would be about Back-Door Blessings and how God works for good for those who love Him. I will write that post, BUT not yet.

Nickelodeon Has My Blood Boiling and the Holy Spirit  prompted me to write this piece before I cool down.

I consider myself a mature woman aware of the ways of our society, and beyond being shocked by what I see and hear. Apparently, I'm not beyond being shocked. If you choose to read Jason Biggs' blog, be forewarned that it is appalling, disgusting and then some. His wife is no better than he.

I respect the right to Freedom of Speech, but this, but this should be cause to put someone in prison. The fact that Nickelodeon, a program for children, hasn't fired this pervert is beyond comprehension. The fact that children are encouraged to read Jason Biggs' twitters is the work of Satan. Aside from sending a protest to Nickelodeon, please, pray for Jason Biggs and his wife.  They have much to answer for before God. And He is the *Just Judge* who states that if anyone harms a child, tie a millstone around his neck and cast him into the sea. There isn't a millstone heavy enough for Jason Biggs. an interesting & informative site. This is the Home Page...below (where the picture of beautiful Megyn Kelly is formatted) is the link to the offensive post written by Jason Biggs, but accessed through Twitchy.

I am posting a copy of the email from The American Family Association that set me off. I hope it prompts you, also, to take action. Please alert your friends & family members about this issue. Send it especially to anyone who has children, grand kids, etc. This is the time to overthrow the evil in our society! For it to continue to exist, good people must do nothing.
Nickelodeon is standing by actor, Jason Biggs, despite his despicable actions. Where do you stand?
Send an email to Nickelodeon today!
September 4, 2012

Dear Nanette,
Columnist Ben Shapiro put it best.
Nickelodeon, the kids' TV channel, apparently sees no problem with directing children to the Twitter feed of one of its voiceover stars, Jason Biggs - even if Biggs tweets reprehensible things about conservative political women like Janna Ryan, wife of VP candidate Paul Ryan.
It would be difficult to describe Biggs' tweets as anything other than the worst sort of human depravity. You can see them here, but be warned, they are very offensive.
Nickelodeon hired Jason Biggs as a voice actor on their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show and is promoting his Twitter account to the children who follow them. But a growing number of concerned parents and outraged citizens are attempting to stop Biggs in his tracks by calling on Nickelodeon to fire him for his disgusting tweets.
Mr. Biggs recently tweeted despicable and violent things regarding Mrs. Romney, Mrs. Ryan and Christians.
Nickelodeon is encouraging children, especially the young boys likely to be fans of this show, to see Biggs' vile tweets on a daily basis.
So far, Nickelodeon has remained silent on Jason Biggs future employment.
Send an email to Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami now, urging the children's television network to fire Jason Biggs today!
 Click here to: Send your eprotest NOW! American Family Association
Nickelodeon standing by despicable actor Jason Biggs

Xrated language and disturbing photos. You've Been Warned!  As Twitchy reported earlier today, Nickelodeon is now actively encouraging children to visit misogynist Jason Biggs’s filth-filled Twitter page. In light of that, we thought this might be a good time to recap just a few of the quotable quotes Biggs’s young fans will see.

This afternoon on “America Live,” Fox News’ Megyn Kelly discussed the controversy over actor Jason Biggs’ filthily misogynistic tweets about Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan, and Ann Romney. Twitchy has been on top of this story and has covered it at length, but today marks the first time a major media outlet has addressed it.
Viewers were thrilled that Biggs’ comments were finally being spotlighted by the national media.

God Bless America!



  1. Hi Nanette - It's Margo. Nice to have you back! I just signed that protest. And I'll send the info around to the parents of kids that I know, including my family. This is unbelievable, but sadly, not surprising. Would love to hear from you!

  2. Margo! It's been so long, too long...miss you. Will visit you soon. N

  3. Hi there! I have been wondering what happened to you. I have enjoyed our talks in the past. Sorry to hear about your house. how awful. I want to say welcome back. You have been missed.

  4. Mike! How nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm back and all is and lovin' it in Florida. God is great. So good to know I've been missed. Thanks for posting. Will catch up with you soon. N