Sunday, September 16, 2012

Memo: Politically Pooped

I'm politically pooped. I'm tired of all the emails, discussions, heated debates, and the TV advertisements. I'm tired of media back-stabbing and the sniping among friends.  It hurt to hear that a neighbor said, "the Democrats are the intelligent people".  Ouch.  Guess I missed that memo.  I don't need another political email to convince me that we are in the midst of spiritual warfare. At this point, it's just preaching to the choir. I can't believe there are citizens still on the fence about which candidate they will vote for. Bunk.

I am proudly voting for Romney/Ryan. And will continue to pray for them until election day & beyond. I cannot separate my moral values from my political convictions, like Cuomo & Pelosi. I am pro-American, pro-Israel, pro-Life, pro-Traditional Family and a practicing Catholic. I cannot vote for Obama and stand before God unashamed. IF he is re-elected, then America & Israel deserve what it gets for not reading 4 years worth of memos. I have a clear conscience. I will pray for myself and my loved ones and be grateful that my son is too old to be called to military duty.

There's a part of me that would like all those voting for the deceiver to have bumper stickers that indicate this so I know who to blame when we go down the toilet. BUT, the Christian part of me would like to know who voted for the scam-man in the White House so I can pray for their souls.
God works in mysterious ways. He is too much a gentleman to force the minds/hearts of His children to vote for a more godly president & vice president. God has His reasons for everything. Perhaps, Obama needs to be president again to usher in the final days of this End Time. Maybe the Mayans are right...the world will end on December 21, 2012. That gives Obama only a month and a half to wreak havoc on our great nation. What does he have to lose? There's no third term.

It's estimated that with the many global wars currently taking place, between 50 & 100 million Muslim refugees will need safe havens.  It wouldn't be politically correct in America to allow asylum to one group of illegals and not to another group, now would it?  If Obama's brothers-in-faith get their way, this could be our last election. Sharia law in this Christian nation with the Blessed Mother as its patron saint combined with the destruction of Yahweh's beloved Israel could certainly stir God's wrath. He may be full of kindness & compassion, but you don't spit in His face & not expect The Just Judge to react!

IF Avi Lipkin, a world renowned Israeli expert on Jewish/Arab relations is correct, Brief Introduction to Avi Lipkin. there are documents where Obama has stated "First I'll take care of the Health Care System, then wait and see what I have in store for Israel". He makes no bones about his animosity toward Israel, yet somehow many American Jews haven't gotten that memo. Regardless, this Catholic woman is rooting for Israel. I'd be "renting my garment" as a symbol of anguish if the Vatican was under such blatant assault. Perhaps, when Obama is through with Israel, he will focus more on the destruction of the Catholic Church since it is a major barrier in his promotion of Marxism. Does Frank Marshall Davis ring a bell? Dreams From My REAL Father Video by Joel Gilbert

All-in-all, I can't wait for this election to be over. I pray there will be no regrets. I pray that if, God-forbid, Barack Hussein Obama gets re-elected there won't be wailing & gnashing of teeth when the snot hits the fan. Aside from God's protection, I hope I receive early delivery of The Final Memo.  

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