Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Possibility Is Real: Overturn Roe V Wade

 "Life at Conception Act" (S.91), which will define personhood from the moment of conception. Support Sen. Roger Wicker in his fight for the Life of the Innocent Unborn. Defend those who can't defend themselves. Due to modern technology a human being is viable at the earliest stage of life. No one can deny that the tiny life moves, breaths, sucks his/her thumb and feels pain...great pain when it is ripped from what should be the safest place a child can the mother's womb.

End the Murder of the Unborn Child by taking action at the American Family Association link.

Do what is right...Do what is good....Do it Now!


  1. Nannette - you always have such value resources to take what action we can. Thank you! I'll go to their link right now.

  2. Maria: Thank you for always supporting my posts. Your kindness rings true. God Bless you. N

  3. I saw something interesting last night from one of Father John Corapi's old talks from the post-911 era. He spoke of how the abortion clinics were EMPTY during the week following the Sept. 11th attacks. He said that Planned Parenthood clinics were offering FREE ABORTIONS just to stay in business. He also said something like: "In the midst of fire and fury, the human spirit doesn't DARE take any chances." Interesting point. Thank you for this post! I'll pass it along..

  4. Thanks Margo for your comment. Life suddenly became precious after 9/11, too bad that and the American Patriotism didn't last. N