Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pray For Synod For Christians Of The Middle East

Bethlehem (Wikipedia)
Pope Benedict XVI will head a Synod of clergy, religious and laity at the Vatican from October 10-24, 2010. This Special Assembly will focus on the Christians of the Middle East. The Synod of Bishops will meet and pray, discuss and debate the Christians who live and lived in the land sanctified by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For centuries, there has not been a gathering of this magnitude. The Christian presence in the Middle East is crushed; yet, we seldom hear or read about the plight of the Christian character of the Holy Land. As we pray during Mass “…and the good of all His church”, I ask you in a special way to pray for the success of this Synod. The ramifications of a strong vibrant Christian community in the Middle East, impact directly our safety here in the West.
request for prayers sent by: Rami M. Qumsieh, B.Eng, a concerned Catholic Palestinian from Bethlehem

Bishop Shomali stressed that Christians who live in the Middle East are rooted in a culture and language, and live with other peoples with whom they share a language, a history and many traditions.

"Christians should not feel that they are foreigners," he declared. "They are called to be witnesses of Christ in those countries where they live. To flee their countries of origin means to escape reality."          excerpt from:
Bethlehem 1889

Bethlehem 1880
Visit the above website to learn about the apostolate which maintains a website with current and valuable information about the Holy Land, provides speakers at Sunday Mass to raise awareness, supports the only active Catholic TV station in the Holy Land, provides updates to parishes about the Holy Land, & promotes Pilgrimages & provides employment to local Christians.

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