Thursday, September 23, 2010


Jon McNaughton is a rising artist from Utah whose paintings are attracting the attention of collectors from across the country. Late evenings and stormy days are frequent subject matter for this young artist. A McNaughton painting can be recognized for the rich color and chiaroscuro effects reminiscent of the French Barbizon painters of the mid 19th century.
McNaughton's roots trace back to the small town of Grafton, Ut. He feels a deep love for the land and of his pioneer heritage. He says it was instrumental in developing his artistic tendencies. From an early age McNaughton showed great promise that eventually led to a full art scholarship to Brigham Young University. Only two out of 2000 received the award. While a student, McNaughton received both the Art Talent Award and the Design Talent Award from the university.
McNaughton describes his work as the "essence of nature". Spending hundreds of hours simply observing and studying the varying nuances of the landscape, then he will return to his studio and paint from memory. Refusing to work from photographs, mental notations and an occasional pencil sketch are enough to inspire a beautiful painting.
McNaughton's artistic style stems from his study of the forerunners to the Impressionists. Artists such as Camille Corot of the French Barbizon school, and George Inness, one of America's premier tonalist painters, have influenced the direction of McNaughton's work. Because these artists painted during the 19th century, few artists today follow in their footsteps.
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Aside from his nature/landscape paintings, his depiction of American History, as seen through the eyes of the common man/woman, has found popularity. The details and emotions are amazing and brings his paintings to life. His Christian paintings are among the best and is a blessing to all those who view them. Below are three videos that show a sample of his talent. The websites at the end of the videos are a must see! To view or purchase a Jon McNaughton painting/print go to





  1. Nanette,
    I find One Nation Under God fascinating! I first saw this painting last year - the detail in it is remarkable (as is the artist)!

  2. Mary: Isn't it a great piece of art and American history? I hope to purchase a print when I move into my new home. Thank you for being a faithful reader of my blog. God bless you for always commenting and bringing a smile to my face. N