Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Maria at This Crazy Life invited me to write 10 surprising things about myself. Sounds easy...I think not. But here goes:

My cousins, Tom & Teresa are my 1st and 2nd cousins. Their mom, Nina, is my mom's first cousin and she married my father's brother, Peter. We are related on both sides of the family. How cool.

Counting my Mom & Dad, there are 9 members of my family (1 brother, 5 sisters, and me) Each one of us have the number 2 in our birth teen numbers and only one single #, 2. 10/22, 9/12, 1/28, 8/28, 3/22, 7/12, 2/20, 12/2, 10/27

I eat everything from exotic to weird to basic, but I don't! eat anything burnt and I don't cook on Wednesdays.

I exercised in a Gym with the romance novel cover model, Fabio. It was just the two of us there and he actually helped me with a set of exercises.

I attended a Christian Fundamentalist College for a spell because it had a few classes I was interested in. I was told, "You won't be Catholic in about 2 months" by a few students. I ended up a much more educated and "on-fire" Catholic because I had to really learn Catholic Apologetics in order to survive. I think it killed some of my professors to give me an A on my papers with a Catholic slant to them!

Of all my sisters and those who knew me from childhood, to teens, to young adult to adult....I was the least likely to be so "religious" and so in love with Catholicism and God.  The Crooked Halo is very fitting! Do you remember, Haley Mills' "Trouble With Angels"?

I asked my husband out on our first date

The last time I was in a movie theatre was in 2002 when I saw Robin Williams in "One Hour Photo" It wasn't a good movie.

I've written 4 Historical Romance Novels, 15 Children's books, many Poems and Short Stories & started a Christian Contemporary agent was arrested for swindling her authors. The publisher who was to publish  my children's book series died suddenly, and the series was shelved. So much for my writing career.

I drink a jigger of Apple Cider Vinegar every day.


  1. Very interesting, Nanette! You are a woman of many talents! You wouldn't want to eat at my house, my friend, 'cause burnt is a regular part of the menu as I sometimes forget about what's in the oven. If you ever come up this way I'll remember to take you to a restaurant! Either that or I'll make YOU cook ;)

  2. I'll gladly cook! Last time I visited my son and DD-in-law I even brought the pans.

  3. Are any of your books published?

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  4. Great list! Yes, I remember The Trouble with Angels-it's one of my favorites! I suppose you also have an aversion to washing pots as well as eating burnt food?

  5. Anne: Love those old movies. My husband does the supper dishes most nights so the pots are his to clean, I love a man with dishpan hands! N

  6. Fun to read!! Thanks for pointing me to it. Your family's birthdays remind me of my own immediate family. I'm one of four and the four of us and both my parents all have birthdays in the months with 30 days: April, June, September, and November. That's how I always remembered which months had 30 days instead of 31. I didn't even know there was a little rhyme for memorizing them until I was too old to care. We even had two dogs at various times who both had been September birthdays! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kasclar: Flattered that you asked me and glad you got a chance to look at my list. Consider following me, so you get to read my latest. Have a blessed day. N