Wednesday, August 25, 2010

John Bosco Among Us...USA & Canada Pilgrimage 2010


The Relic of St. John Bosco will visit the USA and Canada from September 11, 2010 to October 9, 2010. Mark Your Calendar!
Unlike most pilgrimages, which usually involve an individual going to a sanctuary to venerate a saint, the Pilgrimage of Don Bosco’s Relic brings the relic of Don Bosco to the people! The relic of Don Bosco will be transported to the US to grant individuals an opportunity to honor and respect St. John Bosco. Adults & children will be given the chance to pray before the casket and ask St. John Bosco to intercede for them.
It is important to respect and pray to saints for they are role models which all Christians should strive to imitate. Devotion to saints provides hope, and encourages us to ask the saints to intercede for us before God
A relic is an object of religious veneration. In Acts 19:11-12 it states: “Meanwhile, God worked extraordinary miracles at the hands of Paul. When handkerchiefs or clothes which had touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases were cured and evil spirits departed from them.” It is not magic, but symbolizes how God works through the saints even after they have died.
St. John Bosco founded the Salesian Society, named after St. Francis de Sales, because he wanted Salesians to follow St. Francis’ kind and gentle ways. This society’s mission is to be a friend to poor kids, abandoned kids, at risk kids and thus, be a friend of Christ. The educational philosophy is reason, religion & kindness, and basic principle of the system is deep understanding and love for young people and their problems.
For complete schedule of the Relic Pilgrimage of St. John Bosco in USA and Canada go to

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  1. Nanette,
    Thanks for the link. I went to the site and read it with interest. I often ask for St. John's intercession and was hoping the relic was visiting near me but unfortunately the closest it's coming is New York which is quite a distance. Still, it was fascinating to read about!