Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For You O Lord...

It was mid-summer when a 40-something-year old man came to the rectory to obtain Masses from the Announced Mass Intention Book. He pops in a couple of times a year for this or that and it had been awhile since last I saw him. The Masses were for the Holy Souls In Purgatory, not a customary request (unfortunately). We got to chatting and he shared that he'd been out of work because of an injury and that he had some personal concerns on his heart. I tried to console him as best I could and then the subject changed to devotions and favorite prayers. Remarkable how the Holy Spirit leads us to certain subjects. I shared with him my devotion to the daily rosary and to the chaplet of the Divine Mercy. He remarked that he had to get back to saying those devotions...old favorites that had been forgotten of late.
Then he said, "Do you know what I say every night just before I fall asleep?"
"What?" I asked.
And he replied, "Lord, allow me to adore You even in my sleep."
Such a simple prayer, yet so profound. It truly touched a spiritual cord deep within me.
With all the...I want, I need, could You? petitions this was something just for God. Yes, I make an effort to thank Him for everything, to praise Him and tell Him what He means to me. But this simple prayer..a request that even when I'm unable to be conscious of Him, that I be conscious of Him.
Adore....what a beautiful word. Come Let Us Adore Him brings to mind a picture of kings, shepherds and animals gathered around the manger paying tribute to the Infant Jesus.
The word has a few definitions in the American Heritage Dictionary, "to love deeply" is a common meaning and a term I often use loosely. I adore shoes (I confess! maybe because no matter how much weight I gain, my shoes always fit and look pretty on far-from-perfect feet) I adore chocolate.
But another meaning is much more to the spiritual point, "to worship with divine honors" Wow! And who is the only one that deserves that? Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Divine honor...it's so...so majestic. It's so fitting for the King of Kings. Honor and Glory to our King. I should be His adoring subject. He deserves no less than that....He deserves much more than that....He deserves my adoration even in my sleep.
And the word, allow. To be given permission, His permission. That God would think I'm worthy to even ask Him to let me do something for Him. I need Him, not the other way around. The thought that I might get His permission to adore Him, humbles me.
I can't think of anything more soothing as I put to rest the cares and concerns of the day than knowing that even in my sleep there is a link, a connection between me and my God. That at every opportunity I have a chance to let Him know how much I honor Him, to sit at His feet and gaze up at Him, to adore Him even in my sleep. And I want to. And I will.


  1. Great post. What a lovely prayer from that man.

    God bless.

  2. I'm glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading it. God Bless. N

  3. I found this post to be most inspiring and i really enjoyed reading it. In fact, I am enjoying reading your blog in general. I adore my family, but I adore Jesus. There is a difference there, I agree. Only Jesus should get top billing as far as adoration goes. I do not adore shoes because I am a guy, but I think I finally get the reason why my wife does. Makes sense what you said.Never thought of it that way. Probably the same reason she adores purses. Hmmm. You are on to something there.

    Thank you for writing this blog, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment on mine. God Bless!

  4. Mike: Thanks for the compliments...I might have given away some trade secrets, oops. Praise and honor and glory to Our Lord! N