Saturday, August 27, 2011


Forgive Us Our Sins, Lord!

Should a secular government help promote blasphemous, pornographic and anti-God events? ...a government funded porn blasphemous show where:

• Actors going through multiple scenes of full and frontal nudity, with a giant screen showing the genitals of the actors and actresses in detail.

• Christ being compared to a terrorist and insulted with such profanity that I cannot reproduce it here.

• There are burlesque imitations of the crucifixion, such as a half-naked woman with a false stigmata -- and a motorcycle helmet with a crown of thorns drawn on it.

"In the press kit of Golgotha ​​Picnic, Rodrigo Garcia (director) explains how he built his own biblical imagination, translating it into an obscene language and images. Christ is here called “el diablo puto” (ndmg – whore devil) and is compared to a terrorist. He also shows Christ, crucified surrounded by banknotes. Burgers litter the floor of the stage, trying to parody grotesquelly the multiplication of the loaves. And then the Italian conductor Marino Formenti plays in the piano the “Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross” by Haydn. “ Full article can be found at this link but please be aware that it is foul and disturbing! ( is an informative, pro-Catholic blog)

Golgotha Picnic is on tour until February 2012 in several cities across France, starting in Paris and just in time for the Feast of the Nativity!

And it gets tax payer money funded by the French Culture Ministry and by prestigious associations such as the Fuoundation Pierre Bergé and the Baron Philippe de Rotschild Society, among others.
See, it is crucial that Christians from all over the world protest this unspeakable blasphemy.

Protest this before the blasphemies that take place in France spreads like a disease to other countries.

As Catholics/Christians, we have the serious obligation to protest and pray in reparation for this atrocious insult to the sacred honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Besides sending your E-Protest message, Protest Now! ,to the French Ministry of Culture against GOLGOTHA PICNIC, I ask you to please offer this special prayer of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Prayer for the Reparation of Sins at America Needs Fatima

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