Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christ's Great Sacrifice....Mary's Great Love

This beautiful video honors Jesus, the Christ (Anointed One). During this sacred season of Lent/Easter, let us remember His great sacrifice and love. He died for all His children whether you believe in Him or not.

His Blessed Mother "died" with Him that day as does any mother who loses a beloved child. In this song, Mary Did You Know? and as always, she points the way to her Son.

Listen and reflect on the many holy names of Christ... the Perfect Sacrifice, The Saviour, The Deliverer, The Miracle Worker giving sight to the blind, The Healer, The Ruler of Nations, Heaven's Perfect Lamb, The Great I am.  Jesus is God Made Man.  His Resurrection sets Him apart from any other holy man, prophet or deity of another religion.

Jesus would have given His life for you even if you were the only person on earth. He was not angry that the "crowd" chose that He be crucified rather than Barabbas. Do you think He would have wanted Barabbas to have died in His place? A resounding, No.

Jesus is Love & Forgiveness. To truly honor Him...we must do both, esp. to those who hurt and humiliate us. His greatest desire is that one day, we are with Him for eternity in Paradise.  He made the way; we must make the choice.

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"Mary Did You Know?" lyrics by Mark Lowry
Music by Buddy Greene
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  1. What a beautiful video! I recognize Mary in the scene of the Presentation. That actress playing the role of Mary is the same actress I remember from a movie (can't recall the name) I used to watch as a kid every Lent/Easter season. I never forgot her face!

  2. Margo..miss you. I think the actress is Olivia Hussey..also of the 1960's Romeo & Juliet. I weep every time I watch the video I posted! It is so appropriate for this liturgical season. Thanks for the comment. Will chat with you soon. N